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Professional Furniture Buyers in Tri State Area

We purchase select antiques, furniture, and collectibles or offer you credit towards your house or estate clean out. We regularly buy pottery, porcelain, elegant glassware, and many different types of antiques. We buy well-crafted, well-designed furniture from any time period, regardless of age. We’re always buying antique furniture, but we also buy well-designed modern furniture, so feel free to bring in any piece you have to sell. Our appraisers desire all art deco furniture, mid-century modern furniture, and more contemporary furniture. Call us or stop by today and talk to us about antique furniture that we’d be interested in buying from you.

antique chair and dresser

Sell Us Your Mid-Century Modern Furniture

If you’ve recently acquired an estate that you need to sell the items from or have been sitting on an old mid-century modern furniture piece, we’re very interested in it! Mid-century modern furniture was made from 1940 to 1970 and has made its way back into the spotlight. This type of furniture is characterized by clean lines, uncluttered form following function, minimal ornamentation, and juxtaposing contrasting materials. As trends come and go, they often go dormant for a while, only to reappear years later, which is what is happening currently. You can sell your old tables, chairs, television stands, desks, and more to us for a premium price! Use it to go on a vacation or turn it around into a new set of furniture for your home!

Surprisingly High Prices for Your Pieces!

You may be surprised to hear how much your vintage mid-century modern furniture is worth now! Some pieces sell for upwards of thousands of dollars! We at ANS Antiques will evaluate your furniture pieces and establish a fair and often surprisingly high price for you! If you’d like to proceed to sell your furniture, we offer you cash in our store. If you think you can get a better deal somewhere else, you’re free to do so. Our appraisals are free, and we promise our prices offered won’t be beaten around town! Call us or stop by today and sell your old unwanted furniture!

Call Today for a Free Estimate!