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Sell Your Jewelry at ANS Antiques in Montclair

We buy old gold and jewelry in any condition for cash on the spot. We also buy diamonds and other items such as estate and antique jewelry, platinum, sterling, and Rolex and other fine watches. Our customers tell us that we pay more than our competitors, so come on in and see what your jewelry is worth! Whether you are selling an antique ring or inherited jewelry, you deserve the honest appraisals and prices we offer you. Almost everyone has a collection of vintage, dated, or out-of-style items they could be earning money from. Don’t just let your old jewelry sit and gather dust. Bring it into ANS Antiques in Montclair, NJ, and have our expert jewelry team take a look at it and offer you cash!

table filled with jewelry of all types

Reliable and Friendly Team of Appraisers

Do you need a little extra money in your pocket? Do you have extra gold, watches, earrings, necklaces, rings, and other pieces of valuable jewelry sitting around your home? Bring your rarely-used jewelry into our shop and get instant cash on items you may have even forgotten you’ve had. Instead of ignoring older pieces, turn them around into cash that you can use to purchase new and modern jewelry that you’ll actually wear! We offer free appraisals on all jewelry offer you a price at the store. If you agree to the price, you take the cash, and the transaction is complete! But if you decline, there’s no pressure to sell. After all, it’s your jewelry, and you’re free to do with it as you please. Come in today and see what kind of money you could be earning from jewelry and trinkets sitting around your house.

Stop by Our Store Today

Whether you’re a new client or we’ve had the pleasure of purchasing your jewelry from you before, we love all of our customers. We’re not just a quick cash for gold operation. Our team has dedicated their time to understanding jewelry, fine art, and other valuables in estate sales and paying the sellers what they deserve. Call us or bring your jewelry to our Montclair, NJ location. It may be worth way more than you think!

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