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Professional Porcelain Buyers in Tri State Area

Plenty of people in Tri State Area and New Jersey have decorative porcelain dishes, bowls, and other decorative items sitting around their house gathering dust. ANS Antiques is the area’s most trusted porcelain buyers! Montclair, NJ antique sellers will find great prices and friendly, knowledgeable service at ANS Antiques. We’ll take care of inspecting and appreciating the porcelain you bring us to make the process nearly effortless on your part. Call us today to schedule an appointment or stop by our shop and make some cash from that old porcelain in the back of your cupboard you never use.

cabinet filled with white and blue porcelain

Make Extra Cash for Your Unused Porcelain

Whether you’re an active collector or just inherited porcelain dishes and decorations from your family, you could be making good money from selling them to ANS Antiques. We’re always interested in purchasing your porcelain items! Porcelain dolls and figures can net a large price for the right collector, and we pay top dollar for these items. There are still plenty of hobbyists in the area that enjoy collecting all types of antiques and porcelain dishes, signs, plates, dolls, and decorations.

We Offer Free Appraisals and Offers

Our team in Montclair, NJ makes competitive offers on your porcelain antiques to put more money in your pocket and have you in and out of our shop quicker. Stop ignoring that dusty cupboard or box in the attic and make some money you can use now! Plus, you can use the cash you receive from your old and outdated porcelain for new decorations, furniture, and dishes that you’ll actually use! Contact us or bring your porcelain into our location to get a free appraisal and pad your pocket with some extra cash. If you decide you’re not ready to sell for any reason, there’s no pressure for you to hand over your items.

Call Today for a Free Estimate!